Builders – Grow Your Business and Your Reputation

A good reputation can take a long time to build but can be lost in an instant. Be honest – customers like nothing better than dealing with businesses they can trust. Sympathise and listen to your customers needs and develop good business relationships with your customers. Do not put down your competition – it only makes you seem bitter and unprofessional. Respond tactfully and positively to critics and learn to say sorry sooner. Ensure that you give the best customer service possible. Support good causes – it will not cost a lot but will generate lots of goodwill.

Employ people with the right attitude

Your employees are the people your customers meet and deal with on a daily basis. Make sure you employ people with a positive and happy attitude. This will please your existing customers and encourage new customers. The right attitude is the most important asset your employees can have – other skills can be taught – attitude cannot!


A great way to dramatically increase consumer confidence is to offer a guarantee. This could be in the form of a 30 day money back guarantee or a guarantee that if the customer is not happy they are not under any obligation to pay. This will make your customer feel really confident about the quality of your products and service and will assure them that you care more about the service you are giving than just making a sale.

Builders do you want powerful marketing advice to help you grow your business.

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Build More Business – Email Marketing

This article will tell you what email marketing is, who does it, why they do it, and why you should think about doing it yourself.

We`re all familiar with spam mail and every one of us has to go through that depressing morning ritual every time we switch on the computer. You know the one. We fire up the email programme we`re using, sigh at the titles of the unsolicited mails that have slipped through the net, and spend several minutes deleting. It sometimes feels like the only email you`re getting is junk email trying to sell you stuff you`d never buy in a million years.

But don`t forget the good mails and newsletters you get. The offers you look forward to seeing from your favourite online sellers. The funny and interesting articles you enjoy reading sent by sites you have bookmarked. We all like getting email, so long as it`s email we`ve actually requested.

That`s the topic of this article. It`s all about opt-in or permission-based email marketing.

Marketing by email often takes the form of regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly…) newsletters. Or you might have offers or vouchers people can use. It`s an agreement, you might say, between the sender (`I`m going to send you some good information and you`re not going to mind too much the little bit of sales pitch I`ll throw in from time to time`) and recipient (`I`ll either ignore or zip through your sales pitch and won`t delete my subscription, so long as what you`re sending me is interesting`).

Sounds like a pretty good, two-way deal, right? Have you ever thought about doing this yourself? No? Well, maybe it`s time.

There are many reasons why you would want to market yourself and your business using email. Here`s a quick checklist of some of them:

1. Sending an interesting email with useful content will improve the relationship between you and your customers.

2. Well-crafted emails can, for a very small amount of money, enhance the image of your company.

3. Customers who are loyal to you (point 1) and think you`re a company that`s going places (point 2) will give you more business.

4. Emails can, in a viral way, spread out and introduce you to a huge number of potential customers.

5. Sending them is free; setting them up professionally is surprisingly inexpensive.

6. They are easy to track. You can tell who opened the emails and what they clicked on. That`s extremely useful information.

7. Emails are immediate. You get instant feedback on how well you`ve done your job by seeing the percentage of emails opened.

8. It`s easy to set up `autoresponder` emails. If you have a seven-day email course on something you`re offering in return for signing up to your newsletter, for example, you can set everything up in minutes.

9. Email marketing is earth-friendly. Don`t laugh, it`s important! If you want to be cynical about it, think of it as a public relations free bonus. Paperless marketing.

10. Most important. Emails push your message out. SEO and having a fantastic website is fine, but websites are essentially passive forms of marketing. You have to wait for people to come and look at you. Emails put you front and centre.

I hesitated for a good 18 months before starting email marketing. Didn`t know if I`d have enough content and thought it might be too expensive. But after I finally looked into it, I was surprised at how inexpensive and easy it was.

Why not give it a try?

Are You Networking and Marketing Your MLM on the Internet?

Establish Your Online Network Marketing Presence.

With the internet, we have the capability of hooking up with virtually anyone anywhere in the world provided they have access to the net. For this reason, networking is an essential component of today’s business environment. That makes the internet an excellent vehicle for network marketing.

To establish an effective presence on the internet, having a website is a must. There are several types of websites. Most websites for network marketers were limited to company replicated sites that have regulatory restrictions of use. Problems occur with directing traffic to these sites sometimes hurting the distributors who generated the traffic leads.

Four Necessary Websites That Establish Your Online Presence In Network Marketing?

The four types of websites are the branding site, the sales letter site, the blog and the squeeze page site. All of these websites are used effectively in Network Marketing and the recruiting process.

The Branding Website

The first type of website is a branding website. This website is what we most commonly see on the web. It has the home page, the about us page, the contact page and maybe an FAQ page. It may or may not offer products and other services and support.

Everyone should have this type of website. However, for marketing, it’s message is diluted. Why? It’s because people come to these sites, browse for a while, get lost then leave. There are no clear messages which direct a response. They are largely information websites. They are effective in providing information about you and your business.

Network Marketing and the Sales Letter Website

The next type of website is the sales letter website. This website has a specific purpose. It consists of one page of varying lengths depending on the product, service and the message needed to convince the prospect to buy. However, they are generally not as effective in recruiting because prospects don’t land on a site when looking for a home business opportunity to buy.

The Blog or “Web Log” Is an Effective MLM Recruiting Tool

The third type of website is also effective for its’ purpose. It’s the blog or weblog. This site communicates information about the owner and the activities. It generally is updated regularly, draws in a group of visitors and forms a community of “fans’ around the person, a point of interest or both.

Your Most Powerful Network Marketing Website

The last type of website is a squeeze page, sometimes called a power squeeze page. It has one objective and one objective only. To capture the name and email address of a prospect. This allows for a relationship to be built upon which products, services or opportunities are later offered.


To be effective as an online network marketer, use the four types of websites. Each serves a useful purpose. By using each effectively you will build your network and and continue to grow your business.